I was talking to a friend about the coming epocalypse (economic apocalypse) and what to do the day after. He strongly suggested that I buy a farm or land and start growing my own food. I retorted that is was unrealistic and unfeasible for every American to go out and start their own farm and grow their own food.

Think about the sheer amount of land, water and fertilizer needed for each person to grow their own food and maintain their own livestock. I’ve always wondered how many horses we would have roaming around if the automobile hadn’t been invented. Think about 300 million Americans each owning their own horse. I don’t know how much shit a horse produces in a day but that would be a ton of crap all over the place. How much food and water does it take to maintain a horse anyway? How much grazing land would be needed?

He quickly agreed that it was impractical for everyone to go out and get a farm to grow their own food. The discussion turned to gold and silver and I’ll have another post on this subject tomorrow but we concluded by saying that having ample stores of food to last for a while was a prudent move. We came to the same conclusion that I talked about a while ago: Food, Medicine, Shelter and Security are the main priorities now.