The second most often heard excuse I’ve heard over the past decade as to why my friends, peers and others aren’t getting rich is, “I don’t have the time or money to do x.


X represents many different things. For some, X means finishing a college degree plan, for others X means completing that certification to advance a career, for yet others X may be starting a business.

It doesn’t matter what X is though because the critical component of the excuse that they don’t have the time or money to do it.

Although it’s the second most often heard excuse, second only to #1, it is, in my opinion, the weakest of all the excuses.

Not having the money is a fairly poor excuse because there are a near infinite ways of getting money to do x.

If you want to finish that college degree, student loans, government grants, and other programs exist for you to be able to do it.

If you want to start a business, the government has plenty of small business loan programs to help you get started.

If you want to complete specialized certification, credit cards, loans, company sponsorship or other programs exist for you to complete that certification.

If it’s a question of time, then there are a variety of places to look to find the time to get things done. Most of the people that complain to me that they don’t have time to do anything fell into three categories: TV Couch Potatoes that spent 30+ hours/week watching TV shows and could recount every prime time program for that week easily; Sport fanatics that spend their free time playing volleyball, football, softball, basketball, and other sport activities for 30+ hours/week and finally the party goers who spend their time partying, going to clubs, bars, dancing trying to “hook up” with people for a “fun” time.

Do you fall into one of these three groups? There are others which I didn’t include such as the family engulfed types who spend a great deal of their time with kids activities: sports, boy scouts, swimming, piano, etc. but it doesn’t really matter.

The issue at hand is that these people have made a decision that their PRIORITIES are elsewhere; they are NOT FOCUSED on doing the things that will get them rich. It’s not a right/wrong choice; it is simply a choice that has been made that will not lead them to the wealth they want.

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Next week I’ll give you the number #1 excuse I’ve heard over the years. Be sure to click back to see it here next Friday!