Over the years, I’ve worked with some bloody brilliant people. Some so brilliant that I felt they had a potential million dollar idea on their hands. I once worked on a project with a person who had two great ideas for writing books and starting an “organic” business. I won’t detail either here because he may some day do it but when I asked him why he hadn’t moved forward he said something familiar, “It’s too complicated to run a business.”


This is the fourth most often heard excuse as to why some of my peers, associates, friends and family aren’t getting rich. Some people are justifiable in their stance since I’ve heard some fairly exotic business ideas in my time such as starting an elephant ride park but for the most part, most business ideas wouldn’t take more than a piece of paper to get started.

The most often cited concern I hear with regards to starting a business are the legal and personnel requirements. Too many people think you need a team of lawyers, accountants, finance pros, bankers, advertisers, and other professionals to start a business.

In the US and most states, all you need to do to start an “official” business is fill out a piece of paper filed with a state agency and perhaps one for a federal tax id, but the second is often optional.

If you’re planning on starting an elephant ride park though, you may need a lawyer or two and some insurance brokers to limit your liability and to get some disclaimers going but it wouldn’t be too difficult to do.

It’s not complicated to run a business and it’s not complicated to check out this weeks ETF Covered Calls over at http://www.etfcoveredcalls.com. It’s a little business idea that I have under development that illustrates my path and transactions toward Getting Rich Slick. I hope you’ll check it out, all you have to do is click the link!