The seventh most often excuse I’ve heard from someone as to why they aren’t getting rich is that he or she didn’t have “great” or “perfect” parents. I’m not sure what “great” or “perfect” parents meant because I never pried too deeply into it but the complaints seem centered around money or the purchase of various material items.


“If only my parents had sent me to Harvard I could be rich right now” or “If my parents had bought me nicer clothes, car, , I’d have better self-esteem and I’d be on my way to being rich” are just a few of the sample discussions about building wealth that I’ve had with people over the years.

I won’t disregard that having highly educated parents does help tremendously during elementary, secondary and high school upbringing and it is more likely that these kids will go on to college and end up with higher paying jobs than the children of less educated parents but it’s also important to remember that almost every opportunity is provided to ALL kids as long as they work hard. Federal Grants, State Grants, Student Loans, and College Work Study are just a few of the programs out there to help people get started and succeed in life.

How do I know about all these programs? I used every one of the programs listed above and I also had parents that didn’t complete college much less even complete high school. So not having the “perfect” or “wealthiest” parents doesn’t mean you won’t get rich, it just means that it’ll be more challenging to get there. We all love a great challenge don’t we?

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Stop by next week to read about excuse #6 for not getting rich, “I wasn’t born the right gender or the right skin color.