The eighth most frequently excuse I’ve heard as to why they aren’t getting rich is that they weren’t born rich. There seems to be a great quantity of people who subscribe to various conspiracy theories that the world is conspiring against them from becoming rich and the only way to ever become rich is to have been born rich or marry into wealth. These people act like they are pawns in some sort of game.

This excuse is ludicrous when you consider that most millionaires today (about 80%) came from little or no wealth whatsoever. I must admit however, that growing up in one of the poorest part of the US, that I too had a chip on my shoulder about the disparity of wealth in the world. It wasn’t until I actually began my working career and started accumulating my own wealth that I realized few people really ever get a free ride.
I also realized that although it would have been easy for me to constantly complain and live with that chip on my shoulder, it really wouldn’t help me build wealth so I started a plan to build my own wealth and “conquer” the world my way (see below).

I occasionally run into old high school chums who continue to live with that chip on their shoulder and a week doesn’t go by when I don’t hear someone at the office carry that same chip on their shoulder. They see me sitting in the corner office looking out the window and wonder why I should be “entitled” to the money I earn and the lifestyle I have without ever considering what kind of history I had, how much I had to sacrifice or how hard it was to get there. For them, it is easier to assume that I was born rich and that’s how I got to that office and position than to consider that I actually climbed my way to the top.

As for how I’m conquering the world and building wealth, I’ve got a two-pronged approach. First prong of attack is to Get Rich Slow the regular way with cash savings, 401k contributions, Roth IRAs, CDs, and Real Estate. The second prong of attack is to Get Rich Quick with more aggressive strategies such as ETFCoveredCalls.Com, Currency & Option hedging, Credit Card Arbitrage, Real Estate flipping and commodity speculation. The net result is to Get Rich Slick.

I hope you’ll web-in next week for Excuse #7, “I didn’t have great parents” which neatly ties into this post.