I picked up TurboTax over at Costco.  The box clearly states that it will work on PC and MAC.   Unfortunately, my Mac won’t read the CD.  Here’s the crazy thing.  I can boot up a virtual machine running Windows XP on the mac and it reads the CD fine in Windows?   WTF?

I’m trying to load the damn thing in Windows XP and I have been waiting over 20 minutes for the damn “updates” to take place and nothing is happening.  What’s going to end up being my solution?  I’ll probably have to download a hacked version from the net despite the fact that I’ve already paid for this stupid product.

I’m wondering if this CD has some type of copy protection scheme or if there are no Mac files on it whatsoever.   When I read the CD in Windows I don’t see anything remotely looking like Mac files so perhaps I’m trying to squeeze blood out of a rock.