So in October it will be two years since I gave my kids an ultimatum, “if you want iPhones, you must give up cable TV” and they opted for the iphones over TV.  Since the two year contract was coming to an end, I asked my kids if they were interested in giving up their iphones to get back the cable TV.   They replied they weren’t interested in cable TV and wanted to know how to upgrade to a new iPhone (5 or 5s).

Of course, I’ve caught my kids countless times watching TV on their phones and whether it’s some free online source or something they purchased on iTunes, their main form of entertainment comes from the computer more than cable TV.

We do have a Roku box which provides access to Amazon Prime, Crackle, Netflix and a few other venues for entertainment as well as an Apple TV from which the kids stream to from their iPhones or iPads so overall we’re not lacking any television but it is an interesting situation.

Ironically, I get stacks of mail from Comcast, AT&T, Dish and others trying to get me to sign up for service.   To be honest, the latest offer I got was very tempting at internet+TV for only $49 for a year as this is less than I pay now for just internet but when I read the fine print and do the math, it’s not $49/month after all.   The “HD service fee” kills the deal for me – why is this even here when I can get all the HD channels FREE with an antenna?    When I add up the receiver rental ($10) and the HD service fee ($10) and other fees, the $49 quickly balloons into $100/month so no sale.