With the aftermath of this year’s election, I decided to take a trip down memory lane.  I wrote this post in January 17, 2009 exactly three days before the Bush administration presidency officially ended.   So I lost my job under the Bush admin and I regained a job in August of that year and slowly climbed back up to making about the same amount of money I was making during that time frame today.

Was my financial success and recovery directly attributable to Obama?  No.   And if McCain had won the election, I wouldn’t be giving McCain accolades for anything that happened in the economy during that time.    The reason I was only unemployed for such a brief period of time while others have struggled is because I consistently and constantly re-invest in myself.   Whether going back to school to earn MBA’s or self-teach myself new skills or attend professional training to earn certifications or certificates in fields, the destiny I made was my own.

It reading about some of the exit poll interviews, I was surprised to see many mentions of Bush four years later post the election and I can relate.   While I don’t hold Obama responsible for my success I still do resent Bush to some extent for the gross incompetence in 2008.  Perhaps it wasn’t Bush’s total fault but someone’s neck needed to be wrung and his fit just fine.

The office was eerily quiet the day after the election, there were many Romney supporters there and I suspect a few people were in shock about the loss but I wasn’t surprised at all.

If you’re sitting on your ass right now because you’re unemployed then might I suggest three industries:

1. Healthcare – With 80 million boomers getting older day by day there will soon be a near infinite demand for nurses, doctors, medical devices sales people (think wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, etc), radiologists, pharmacists, etc.   You can even look into elderly care and the associated ecosystem of these services.

2. Energy – With the global population increasing day by day, there will be huge new demand for energy: oil, gas, solar, wind, electricity, etc.   Anything from utility workers, engineers (petrochemical, mechanical, structural), geophysicists, etc.

3. Education & Technology – With 80 million boomers retiring and the world becoming more sophisticated with things like mobile phone payments, online business/eCommerce, online classrooms, etc. there will be HUGE demand for technologists and educators, just make sure to pick something that can’t be easily outsourced to India or China.

Going back to school won’t be easy, I’ve been attending now since Fall of 2009 and will be done Fall of 2013 but from my present salary, job opportunities, and other investment activities, the education has been well worth the money.     Stop whining about who the next president will be and start making your own destiny.