So it’s now been almost a year since I gave up cable TV and sent AT&T my uverse boxes back and we don’t miss it one bit.   I have also now found a way to watch content from overseas (UK) using something called TunnelBear that allows your computer appear to be inside the UK versus outside it hence you get access to all the BBC TV just like you were in the UK!

At the start of our cable-cutting adventure, the kids would use the Roku box about 80% of the time and the Apple TV box about 20% of the time but that percentage has been moving in favor of the Apple TV box for two reasons:

First the Apple TV features “Airplay” which allows anyone in the family that has downloaded a show or movie on iTunes to push a button and have the movie appear on the big TV screen.

Second, and just recently, Hulu Plus is now available on the Apple TV along with Netflix.   I hope Amazon Prime is added soon and that will make the Roku fairly obsolete for us although there is still some content from foreign countries that is fun to watch.

I will reaffirm my belief that cable operators offer no compelling reason to want to purchase their product.   The best analogy I can think of is walking into a McDonalds and being forced to buy a number 50 combo that comes with burger, fries, salad, parfait, fruit, shake, coke, orange juice, milk, etc when all you want is an apple pie.    Imagine going to the grocery store and having to buy everything in the store because it “helps keep prices low” for everything -NONSENSE!   Before cutting the cord, I had 1000 channels of useless garbage that I didn’t want to watch and while I only watched a few channels I was paying for hundreds!

Oddly enough, my kids are much wiser with money because they save their allowance, buy iTunes gift cards, then purchase those shows which they really want to watch and when the money runs out they have no more TV to watch unless they want to revisit the shows they purchased.   It helps control TV usage in our home as well so it’s the perfect system!