So I’m a few weeks into my return to MBA classes and the arguments with the professor have already begun.   It’s funny but the professor was warning about “groupthink” in business and the perils it holds and I couldn’t agree with the professor more but when it came to thinking there *might* be some groupthink in academia the professor would have none of it!   The fact that most universities have nearly the same identical curriculum, use nearly the same textbooks, use nearly the same grading system, request the same APA formatted papers,  and have almost everything else in common except the rate of tuition doesn’t seem to phase anyone in academia that they have a serious case of groupthink.

I am thrilled however to be back in school for the free student loan money (more on that in a future post) and I am also thrilled that I won’t be doing any group projects this semester and both of my classes don’t seem to have any on the syllabus.  I hope that doesn’t change because today’s students are complete and total idiots.