There was so much enthusiasm about a few months ago that many PF Bloggers would periodically update their lending stats, profits/losses, experiences and more and those blogs all seem to have gone silent.  What gives?

Now is the time to understand how well (or poorly) Prosper acts as an investment vehicle during heavy market down turns. Is Prosper still generating profits for lenders out there or have most gone bust with bad loans?   Is the market for loans good or bad?   What are the typical returns on these loans now?

Someone throw me a bone and give me some info!

If it’s a big bust for everyone then please share that information and don’t let other people go down the rabbit hole with Alice if it’s going to lead to an unsavory adventure.

Based on my prediction, prosper still has about 7 months of life left in it if my assumptions were correct so what’s happening with this company?   I really hope these guys make it because of their novel approach to encouraging entrepreneurship and capitalism but the timing might not have been right.