I almost reached a breaking point a few weeks ago. I had multiple pointless projects at school due, multiple high consequence projects at work due and a multitude of activities with the family. I recently received a curt e-mail asking why I hadn’t volunteered at some school activity my kids are supposed to be participating in and the honest answer is that the same school has pinged us for MULTIPLE tasks at the same event.

In an era with high unemployment you would think there would be plenty of volunteers to do something but the same dually employed families are asked to do the volunteer work over and over again. So I’ve been busting my butt at school and at work and getting curt e-mails from my third and fourth non-paying jobs and keep reading about people living it up mortgage free in homes they couldn’t afford living off the government dime.

Seriously, I’m thinking of becoming a tea bagger…or whatever those tea people call themselves these days. Better yet, I might become a loafer and just live off the government dime myself. All I need to do is pay off my mortgage (which would be easy), quit my job and just hang out waiting for volunteers, tax payers and everyone else to take care of me and not have a worry in the world.

I’ve finally caught a bit of a break and am almost done with my second semester at MBA school and as I write this, I have serious doubts I will return in the fall. It simply isn’t worth it anymore since the program is fairly uninspiring, boring, pointless and trivial yet consumes so much of my time.

The consequences of all of the other bullshit though are going to hit like a Niagara water fall over the next few years when 80 million boomers become loafers and won’t or can’t work. I can hardly wait….