Well I’m trying to get back in the groove of blogging.  Quite honestly, I’ve been completely and totally swamped at work, at home and everywhere else.  For those of you that have a job in corporate America, you probably would agree that you’re working harder now (probably doing the work of two or three jobs) than ever before and probably not getting compensated as much as you deserve.   I hear you and I feel your pain.

So I’ll be restarting my MBA program in the fall and I should be done in the spring or at the latest next fall depending on how big of a course load I take.   Taking the summer off this year from school was a welcome vacation and I didn’t spend too much time blogging because that tends to feel like work as well.

Over the summer I took some vacations and got some well deserved reset.  I have also picked up a new hobby that I’ll be writing about in future posts and you’ll be somewhat surprised at what it is……

In other news, I saw a documentary entitled, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix recently and it had a huge impact on me.  I have been heading into the exact same dilemma Joe in the movie and am trying to head off that wreck.   I purchased a juicer and have been juicing for the last couple of weeks.   So far I’ve lost about 12 pounds and I plan on continuing it till the end of the year.   I’ll likely take a few weeks off the program in December for the holiday but will pick it up again at the start of the year for the whole year.