I gave away the top real estate investing “secrets” yesterday and now I’ll tell you a simple reason why I don’t do it: It is too much work!

Having a full-time job, running a couple of blogs, and keeping a family in harmony is a lot of work. When I began looking into Real Estate Property as an investment (both commercial and residential) it quickly became obvious that it takes a great deal of time to conduct research, spend time with owners/lawyers/banks to negotiate deals and ultimately spend more time managing the property.

All this work is contrary to the Get Rich Slick way which is a two pronged approach to wealth independence.

  • Get Rich Slow using traditional methods of investing via 401k, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, and Savings.
  • Get Rich Quick using speculative and aggressive investment strategies such as Covered Calls, Options, Stocks, Currencies, Bonds, and Commodities with the least amount of work and the highest possible return.

I ultimately ended up asking myself some fundamental questions such as, “Am I better off spending a few weeks or a month researching a property to buy or spending a few minutes researching an ETF REIT with high returns via dividends and covered calls?”

“Do I really want to tie up tens of thousands of dollars in Real Estate that may go up or remain flat for the next xx years?”

“Do I really want to become a part-time plumber, carpenter, electrician, HVAC repair man?”
I haven’t given up on Real Estate since I may ultimately convert my current home to a rental property but “flipping” or becoming a rental guru is ultimately too time consuming and not for me. I may end up with one or two rental properties but I wouldn’t go any further than that unless I can make it much easier on me.