I can’t believe April 21 was the last time I wrote a post.   I have been gone so long that I hadn’t realized that the domain had expired and I needed to get that fixed so that took a while to get fixed.    I have been literally flying every where since my last post.   I’ve flown from the east to the west and north and south.

With work, travel, school (yeah still in the MBA program), and family life, I have not had a moment to write a post.   I have accumulated quite a bit of material from observations, experiences, and other activities but I have not had the time to write.

The one comfort in my life at the moment is my iPad 2 which has made travel and life a whole lot easier and better for me for the things I mentioned above: work, school, family.    I love FaceTime and the ability to video chat with friends and family…it is simply amazing!

I will be writing a few posts for distribution over the next few days but tomorrow is my last final for a class and I’ll take a breather.