Our two new Toyota vehicles came with satellite equipment and complimentary service to XM Radio for a brief period of time.  I was excited to have such a wide variety of choices and sorely disappointment when I heard was the unmistakable sound of “commercials” on my satellite channels.

For some reason, I was under the impression that XM Radio was commercial free.  After all, why would anyone want to pay to hear commercials on a paid service?   I simply don’t get it.

I’ll let the free trial period run its course and let it expire.    It is a near certainty that this company doesn’t have long to live because it occurred to me that I could setup my new vehicles with so many alternatives.  I have an auxiliary port for my iPod which I’ll likely use.  If I can enable my vehicles with WiFi internet somehow, I could install a Mac-Mini and perhaps stream audio from the internet for free so why bother with satellite service?

XM, you have two choices, offer the service for free with commercials or take the commercials off if you want my business.